To prevent phishing scams, emails confirming trades from the MSP OTC Desk will be signed with our CEO Arseniy's or our Head of Legal Jaanus's PGP key. You must verify this PGP key to confirm that the email is real and came from Mothership the person who signed the email (Arseniy or Jaanus).

Mothership considers verifying the PGP signature of all confirmation emails to be mandatory and the sole responsibility of the recipient. We are not responsible for any losses caused by phishing scams.

Please note, order expiry emails will not be signed.

What is a PGP key?

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is the most popular method of email encryption. PGP is used to sign emails so that the receiver can verify both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the content as well for encrypting and decrypting emails.

How do I verify the email signature?

Every email sent from Mothership will be signed with Arseniy's or Jaanus's public PGP signature

To ensure that the email is signed correctly, you must check it on

Copy the email you have received from us, starting with (and including) "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----" until "-----END PGP SIGNATURE-----"

Go to and paste the email you received from us and click Verify. 

If the verification is successful, you will see a confirmation message: 

If the verification is not successful and you receive a "Checksum mismatch" error, do not respond to the email you took the signature from. Please contact support with all the details from the email and your trade request.

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